Building Your Immune System

Building Your Immune System is the first in my series on applying the wisdom of Chinese Medicine to enhance your health. Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches us that there is a holistic balance between all the different organ systems is vital for health.

Over the next 6 weeks, I want to share with you Practical and Actionable health tips. Try them out, and pick at least one habit to continue and build into your lifestyle.

Let’s start with an assessment of your immune system.

Immune System Health Assessment:

Are you susceptible to the cold that’s going around?
Do you have frequent allergic reactions?
Have you noticed that it takes a longer time for wounds to heal?
Do you have chronic phlegm or sore throats?
Do you get cold sores frequently?
Do you feel tired and fatigued throughout the day?
Are you under constant stress at work or at home?
Are you often restless and unable to concentrate?
Do you crave sugar, and often eat more than 2 servings a day of sugar?
Do you experience recurring diarrhea, even though your diet has not changed?

How did you score?

If you answered YES to 3 of these questions, then your risk is MILD
If you answered YES to 4 to 7 of these questions, then your risk is MODERATE
If you answered YES to 8 or more of the questions, then your risk is SEVERE

What is your reaction to this Health Assessment?

As we have been watching the news recently, some countries around the world are calling in the National Guard to help. This made me think of our Immune system. It’s sort of like the national guard that comes to our aid when we are in trouble.

However, with our modern day lifestyle:

  • Of increased stress
  • Poor nutrition
  • Lack of exercise
  • Toxic environment

Our Immune system is ALWAYS on high alert

Just like the National Guard, if the coronavirus continues for months, they are going to be exhausted and burnt out.

Our immune system is susceptible to this exhaustion.

Once exhausted, there are 2 possible scenarios:

Immune system can get confused, and lose the ability to distinguish between friend or foe. It can start attacking itself.

This is called Autoimmune condition

Arthritis, Lupus, Asthma

Or the Immune system sort of Gives up, becomes too weak to respond to invading substances like virus/bacteria

Vulnerable to infections, GET SICK

Vulnerable to chronic diseases, Like Cancer

How does TCM view Immunity:

A holistic balance between all the different organ systems is vital for health

Qi (which translates to Vital Energy) is an important energy source in the body that is used to build us up, and defend us.

Spleen & Stomach System (Digestive System)

Responsible for absorbing vital nutrients from the foods we eat

The immune system resides in our GI tract

Lung System

Governs Defensive Qi – Protects us from external Pathogens

Kidney System

Source energy or the Essence Energy to fuel metabolic activities


Liver System

Helps us detoxify

Manages the flow of energy

In order for the Immune system to function optimally, all these organ systems must work together.

3 Practical Health Tips to Boost your Immune System

Astragalus Herb
  • Astragalus Herb:

    Has been documented for more than 2000 years to prevent illness, especially cold and flus

    Modern day research in Australia, has shown that this herb boost the body’s production of Interferon. An important immune system protein

    Adaptogen Herb – improves body’s resistance to physical and environmental stress.

    I personally take Cold Q or Jade Windscreen formulas. (Please call the clinic if you have specific questions)

  • Eat Food of Multi Color.

    The colour pigments in the skin of fruits and vegetables and powerful ANTIOXIDANTS

    So ensuring that you are eating from a variety of colours is important to support all your organ systems.

    Black/Dark – Eggplant, Blackberries, Black mushrooms, Seaweed

    Green – Broccoli, Bok Choy, Brussel sprouts, dark leafy Greens, Oregano

    Red – Beets, red bell peppers, hot chili peppers,

    White/Light – cauliflower, Daikon Radish, maitake mushrooms. Onions

    Yellow/Orange – carrots, pumpkins, squash, yams

    Your HOMES Immune System – the Environment at Home.

    Spring represents New Energy. New growth

    Common in Traditional Chinese Households to do a Spring Cleaning:

    Bedding and Sheets are baked in the Sun, ultraviolet light can sterilize

  • Eliminate Dampness and Stale Energy

    If you are living in Richmond/ Vancouver, (Pacific Northwest). We have a damp environment with a lot of MOLD & Fungus

    • Important to air out our homes.
    • Use Bleach to kill the Mold around Windows.
    • Use an Air Purifier that has Ultraviolet Lights

    In our Modern Day Homes

    • Home Automation, Router, Modem: Consider Putting it on a TIMER so it shuts down at night while you sleep.
    • When you are Sleeping: Super Dark Room/ no lights
    • Turn your cell phone on Airplane Mode/ or don’t’ bring it to your bedroom

Try at least one of these tips to build your immune system.  Add Astragalus Herb to your health regime.  Add some powerful ANTIOXIDANTS to your diet by eating multi-coloured foods and eliminate the dampness for your home.

The next part of my series APPLYING the WISDOM of Chinese Medicine to enhance your Health is Part 2: Supporting Mental Health – Applying the Wisdom of Chinese Medicine

In health,
Dr. Jeffrey Lee
Naturopathic Physician & Registered Acupuncturist

Check out my Stress Youtube Series here.

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