In Chinese Medicine, diet and nutrition have always been the foundation of health.  What we put into our bodies can either strengthen us or harm us.  In today’s modern lifestyle, we are eating far too much processed foods, sugar, and empty calories. We are also under much more stress than previous generations.  The ongoing worry, stress and poor diet is weakening our digestive system, which in turn, causes low energy levels.  We call this “Spleen Deficiency” in Chinese medicine.

RECAP from Last Week: Restorative Sleep

  1. TCM perspective on Sleep  – Yin Time vs. Yang
  2. Creating that Ideal Environment for Sleep – lights, cozy environment, stretching
  3. Dietary Suggestions to calm the mind.  Simple Diet, with a bit of light fasting can help Creating Deep, peaceful Thinking – MORE YIN

Digestion Assessment

  1. Do you overeat often?
  2. Do you have Indigestion? ( bloating, pain, heartburn, constipation, diarrhea)
  3. Do you eat less than 2 servings of fresh green vegetables a day?
  4. Do you eat sweet snacks to get you through the day?
  5. Do you eat takeout more than twice a week?
  6. Do you sit down and rest during meals, or are you on the run?
  7. Do you take time to chew your foods for more than 15 times?
  8. Does your diet consist of more than 15% of canned or packaged foods?
  9. Do you skip meals?
  10. Do you have a yellow coating on your tongue?

How did you score?

  1. If you answered YES to 3 of these questions, then your risk is MILD
  2. If you answered YES to 4 to 7 of these questions, then your risk is MODERATE
  3. If you answered YES to 8 or more of the questions, then your risk is SEVERE

What is your reaction to this Health Assessment?

What area would you like to improve on this upcoming week?

TCM SUPPORT for Digestive System:  Stomach & Spleen

Importance of the Spleen and Stomach Meridian:

  • Responsible for digesting food and drinks
  • Digesting our emotions and thoughts
  • Keeping what nurtures our body and spirit, and letting go of what doesn’t

Stomach/ Spleen element is EARTH

  • Mother Earth is to nurture growth
  • Stomach Qi:  Feeds all the Organs enough ENERGY to do their work

Mouth is the Sensory Organ = to Stomach

  • Mouth Issues: sores,  bleeding gums, bad breath, can mean that the Stomach is out of balance

Muscles are the Tissues associated with Stomach/Spleen

  • Weak muscles, or underdeveloped muscles
  • Frequent cramping
  • Easily tired.

Sweetness is the taste that corresponds to the Stomach.

  • If you crave sweets, it could indicate that your stomach needs support.
  • Too much sugar can stress out the Stomach/Spleen

Worry, Anxiety and Overthinking are emotions associated with Stomach
If you get anxious easily, you may have digestive system imbalance

How Do WE SUPPORT Stomach health

  1. STRESS , Worry and Anxiety! – find ways of regulating this.   Deep Breathing, exercise, social support
  2. Eat mostly cooked or warm foods
    1. Lightly steam, Lightly stir fry
    2. Avoid Cold foods/drinks/  Raw foods
  3. Avoid Late night Meals:  Stomach should be resting towards evening
  4. Save Meat for the Weekends:
    1. Plant based diets have less Chronic Health Problems


  1. What is the human Microbiome?
    1. Collection of different Bugs in our Gut/ skin crucial to our health
    2. Bugs outnumber our cells 10 times, and have tremendous influence on our genetics
  2. Why is it important?
    1. These bugs maintain intestinal barriers, protect against pathogens, help us digest our foods, help our immune system.
    2. Newer research is pointing that:  Diseases have a Microbiota Signature, such as less Lactobacillus/ Bifidobacteria.
    3. People that have “Spleen Deficiency” have a unique bacteria signature
    4. Traditional Herbal concoctions have shown to impact these Bacteria cultures:  Kill bad bacteria and support the good bacteria.
  3. What is destroying our Microbiome?
    1. Glyphosate is an herbicide to control weeds
    2. Prevents plants from making certain proteins for growth
    3. Stops: Enzyme Pathway Shikimic acid pathway
    4. Not just plants, but also Microorganisms
    5. Our Gut is full of Microorganism.

1990’s explosion in Cancer and Chronic DiseaseRead more about Food security
Increase spray of Glyphosate
Concentrated in the Water

What Should I do?

  • Read more about Food security
  • Get educated:  What foods are in high pesticides?
  • Minimize Glyphosate exposure:  Organic Foods!

Herbs to Improve Digestion

  1. Mint (peppermint, spearmint)
    1. Drink tea 1 hour after a meal.
    2. Menthol encourages Bile to Flow:  to Break down fatty foods?
  2. Gentian (Bitter Herb)
    1. Stimulate digestive juices
    2. Increase pancreatic activity – enzymes
    3. Production of Bile

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In health,
Dr. Jeffrey Lee
Naturopathic Physician & Registered Acupuncturist

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