bad cold and flu lemonSome experts believe that another bad cold and flu season is just around the corner. Working in an environment where I am often exposed to sick patients, I take a very proactive approach to preventing colds and the flu. I have encouraged my patients to do the same, by putting the focus on prevention. See below for what I do during the cold and flu season and what I have been recommending to patients.

Strategies for prevention and combating cold/flu:

1)  Whole Foods Diet

Your immune system requires a variety of nutrients to function optimally.  Ensure that your diet consists of a variety of colourful fruits and vegetables, high-quality fats (avocado, fish oil, grass-fed meats, nuts & seeds) and bone broth soups.

2) Proper Hygiene & Healthy Habits

Wash your hands regularly & encourage kids to sneeze into their elbows.  Our bodies thrive on routine, so aim to sleep at the same time every night, and have meals at the same time daily. If you suffer from stress or have difficulty sleeping, acupuncture can be helpful in getting your body back on track.

3) Vitamin & Minerals

Take high-quality Vitamin C and Vitamin D. Check that the Vitamin C supplement is not full of binders and fillers.  Also, make sure you are taking a Vitamin D3 supplement with Vitamin K2. Proper dosage will vary from person to person, so please check in with us for your specific dosage. You may also consider Vitamin I.V. Therapy, a very efficient way to get the vitamins that your body needs.

4) Chinese Herbs

All my patients know that I love the herb Astragalus because it’s so effective at protecting the immune system.   My go-to herbal formula that contains Astragalus is “Jade Windscreen.” Recently, I have been using another formula called “Cold Q.”  Cold Q comes in a convenient bottle that allows you to spray and target the back of the throat.  I have written about “Jade Windscreen” and probiotics in previous blogs.

Please share these tips with your friends, family and colleagues.


In Health,

Dr. Lee


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