We are pleased to tell everyone that Dr.Neetu is taking a well deserved vacation during the month of October! We couldn't be more excited for her.   

She will be away from the clinic from October 13th to Nov 5th, and will be back to work Nov 8th. The clinic will be in full operation during these dates and Kyra and Dr. Jeff will be able to assist any of her patients in health care questions during this time. We are filling in appointments prior to her departure. And then starting to fill appointment for her return dates.

Where am I going!?  To Mumbai, India.  What is drawing me there?  My cousin Amrit Kumar.  Originally from Toronto, Ontario, she moved to India several years ago to start a fashion line with her friend and

business partner.  In just a few short years, they have created a fashion line, and been interviewed by Vogue, India; Elle India; Fashion tv in Toronto, and were named as one of the top five to look out for.  Their line is called "Norblack Norwhite".  If anyone is interested in curious about their website, I would love it if you had a look.  .  I couldn't be more proud of the two of them.  Two things I love and will always support:  thinking outside the box, taking a risk and following your passion; and women in business/women entrepreneurs.  I am so excited to see them in Mumbai.

For anyone who is would like to see the interview by Fashion Television, Toronto, I have attached it below.  Happy viewing!

Fashion TV Toronto

In health,

Dr. Neetu Dhiman, ND

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