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I thought it would be a good idea to take some time to write about another type of treatment that I offer. Apart from practicing what I learned at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy and by taking courses in various other methods of treatment, I have taken an interest lately in the Fascial Manipulation' ' method.
 "Just what exactly is fascia?" you may ask. Well, fascia is the framework of our bodies; the 3D support structure that helps all our physiological tissues keep their shape. Even if all the bones, muscle tissue and organs were removed-the body would still retain its shape.The fascial tissues support and maintain the shape of our vital organs and helps provide a safe passage for all our delicate nerve, lymph, and blood vessels.
Fascia aids in the transmission of force that our muscles generate when they contract while also allowing them to slide past one another.  Approximately 30% of our muscles attach into fascia as well as bone.  Imbedded within the fascia are receptors for pain and proprioception. This intimate working relationship of nerve, muscle, fascia, and the joint they are moving becomes what's termed a myofascial unit,  a basic component of the myokinetic chain of our bodies.
When we get injured, maintain poor postures, or move repetitively past fatigue, the tissue responds in such a way that it loses the graceful slide/ glide motion along the muscles due to tissue thickening and adherence. This disrupts the tensional forces of normal biomechanical movement, eventually leading to pain and weakness anywhere along the myokinetic chain.
With the Fascial Manipulation' ' method, a thorough assessment with the understanding of a patient's history is needed to try and pinpoint the true origin of the pain and dysfunction. Like a snag in a sweater or run in a pair of nylons, the current troubles can be but a ripple effect of the original injury, even though suffered long ago.

Linda McLaren
                                                                            Image taken from "Strolling Under  The Skin" DVD by Dr.Jean Claude Guimberteau                

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