‎As many of my patients are aware, I’m quite open with my health and healing journey. A huge cornerstone of healing has always been diet. In our confusing world of having every type of cuisine right at our fingertips, it was difficult for my sensitive system to figure out what suited it best. It took me I would say a good 12 years to truly reach a diet which was the START of what felt good to my system.
My food allergies were clear. They were anaphylactic reactions, also known as IgE reactions, and immediate and deadly; thus I was to avoid: beans, peas, nuts, lentils. I no longer am as extreme in my reaction, however, for the most part, I still avoid these foods. 
My first fore towards self healing and alternative health ‎was with a Naturopath when I was approximately 18 years of age. Diet being a cornerstone of Naturopathic Medicine, I learned about, low grade subtle reactions also known as IgG, contributing to vague symptoms such as: digestive upset, cramps, eczema, asthma, a stressed nervous system and compromised immune system. It was clear I was to avoid wheat, dairy and sugar. This was way back in the day when grain alternatives were very difficult to find! I believe my mom found a bread on Granville+16th, it was dense and fifty percent of the time, raw in the center. But it was the only option.
My next healer suggested avoiding: chocolate, caffiene, tomato‎ and dairy.
Then came Naturopathic Medicine School, at which time, as students we experimented with many diets!
Then came my current Naturopath, Dr. Thom who made it very clear, I was to avoid all gluten, and dairy. This is when things began to change. The tipping point.
Gluten free since 2003, In 2008 I saw a fitness trainer with a background in Holistic Nutrition. Going in thinking my diet wasn’t the issue…boy was I wrong! There I learned how much hidden white/brown/refined sugar was in my diet. I learned how to portion out the Gluten-free carbs I was eating and I learned little effort was made to actually incorporate veggies. Quite a shocker. I would say, perfecting this way of eating felt good, really good, and if I’m honest the true wisdom of this diet fully solidifying in my psychy now. Took many years to accept this is how my body really likes to eat and feels good.
Now the next level. I am incorporating “superfoods”. Many of you have likely heard of some or all of these foods, however, I did not really pay much attention to them. I am always aware, and listening to my body, and these superfoods are repeatedly coming into my awareness, hearing people discuss them with me more and more often, so I hear and LISTEN the cues given to me, around me, my body is ready for the next level. The reason I wait for my body’s cues is, often these new foods and alternate grains are very nutrient dense. It really does require a strong digestive system to be able to HANDLE a superfood or ancient grain. Like me for many years, if it does not suit your system at this time, keep up your healing treatments with your Brio Team Member and the perfect time will arise.
Given that March is Nutrition Month, I think it’s appropriate to list the few that I am experimenting with and have currently incorporated. And some benefits of each. If you feel the call to incorporate them as well…please share with us at Brio…we would love to know how you feel!
Organic spirulina powder: 
Is a nutrient-dense blue-green algae that has existed on the planet for 3.6 billion years.‎ It has been known to nourish the body and mind. Popular to ancient civilizations such as the Aztec. Spirulina is not new to the market and popular in many health food stores. However not all are created equal, and will likely account for the price point difference. It is extremely important to ensure the product is from a “fresh river” source as well as organic. Many mass produced are farmed in tanks, exposed to radiation etc.
Few of the well known benefits include – plant bases source of Vit B 6 and Iron; immune booster; weight managements; rich in protein (60-70%) and the protein is highly bioavailable, therefore it is absorbed 4x more than protein in beef!
Organic Macca Powder:
‎Is known as ‘Peruvian Ginseng’ and used in Peru for endurance for 2000 years. Legend has it, it was used by the Inca warriors to increase strength and stamina. I must admit, this one is nutrient quite dense, and my gut is giving me a bit of aches after taking it. But it simply means I need to continue to focus on my diet and increase probiotics…almost there, the pain is minimal! Again, be careful of the source, my gut hurts because it is a high quality source!
Benefits of macca include – ‎endurance and stamina; hormone balance for women and men.
Organic Cacao Powder:
Whole foods advocate, David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe, says if he was forced  to choose one superfood if would be cacao! It is a superfood native to South America. It is an important and powerful antioxidant rich in Magnesium and again a plant based source of Iron.
Again it is important to purchase a quality source which is milled at low-temperatures in order to keep the nutrients in tact.
Benefits include – mood stabilizer, to-good-to-be-true alternative for chocolate or conventional cocoa; essential fatty acids; rich in magnesium and iron; natural mind stimulant.
Organic Medicinal Mushrooms:
The healing benefits of mushrooms ‎have been known well known to Eastern Cultures for centuries. Healing mushrooms such as reishi mushrooms are commonly found in health food stores. Again, what is their benefit…
Benefits include – healing mushrooms increase oxygenation to the body assisting in overall body recovery; increase in ATP production, which is what our bodies use for energy, disease prevention, muscle recovery.
How am I incorporating these SUPERFOODS? I am rotating them, getting to know how I feel after each one, and adding them to my smoothies. Years ago, my gut would not be able to handle these nutrient bombs, now it is the perfect time. The next level of my healing is super healing. I will keep with these and feel the full benefits. On the horizon I have my eyes on acai berries and Chia seeds!
In health, Dr. Neetu

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