Brio's Product of the Month


*Save 10% on the 500 ml Cod Liver Oil from Feb.14-Mar.14/13.

  • Triglyceride form-the body can readily use this form of oil.
  • Many lower price point brands in health food stores are Ethyl Ester and the body has far better absorption of the Triglyceride form. Ethyl Ester cod liver oil is far less stable and oxidizes far easier. 
  • Always look for Triglyceride Form Cod Liver Oil.
  • Cod liver oil is helpful for the Nervous System, helps with anxiety, concentration, memory, depression.
  • It is helpful for Cardiovascular support.
  • It is helpful for hormonal regulation whether it be PMS support, menopause, or fertility.
  • Cod liver oil is one product that can be taken long term as a daily part of your health routine.

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