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Since its February and Valentine's Day is just around the corner Dr.Carin wanted to write a fun article about the use of roses for health and romance.

Roses for Romance… and Health

The rose has been a symbol of passion and romance for centuries. 

It’s no surprise. Its deep red hue, velvety petals and divine fragrance have inspired 

Shakespeare, Cleopatra and the many romantic-at-heart. 

But there’s more. Roses are good for your health.

When you smell roses, you know that ‘aaaahh’ response? The fragrance of rose 

circulates energy throughout the whole body reducing muscle, digestive and emotional 

tension. In Chinese medicine rose buds/petals are used to reduce headaches, insomnia, 

anxiety, depression, stress-associated digestive upset and more.



A few dried rose buds (found at Chinese herb stores) can be added to your favourite 

tea particularly when feeling extra qi energy in the chest or upper abdomen. (I like 

adding rose buds to mild flavoured teas like chrysanthemum flower, green rooibos or 

jasmine tea.) 

Remember rose buds (and petals) are distinct from rose hips. Rose hips are formed 

after the flower is finished blossoming and has other distinct therapeutic effects. 



Essential oil of rose (often sold combined with other oils) may be used in a diffuser, bath 

or homemade spritzer (just add a few drops of essential oil to plain filtered water in a 

small spray bottle). 


Note: Synthetic fragrances can add to chemical load in the body and cause sensitivity 

reactions so the essential oil is recommended.

In a season when it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by roses, remember a rose isn’t just a 

symbol of romance but also good health!


Dr. Carin Matsushita

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