Hi Everyone,

The Brio Integrative Health Centre team is pleased to introduce our next clinic give away! Our theme for this raffle is reducing our use of water bottles. This statistic from the Toronoto Sun in May of 2008 gives an idea of the damage to our landfills. The percents since then have only increased.

The next time you throw away your empty water bottle, you might want to shoot for the blue bin.

As few as 50% of water bottles Torontonians consume everyday are actually being recycled.

That means as many as 65 million empty plastic water bottles per year end up as garbage in a landfill waste site in Michigan.

These millions — and potentially billions — of plastic water bottles sit there swallowing up landfills with mounds of rubbish for thousands of years because that's how long it takes to break down plastic water bottles.


Please, stay tuned for more information on how to sign up for this give-away.

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