I first Earthed about 10 years ago and it made a profound change on how I see health. I thought health was about diet, exercise, herbs, vitamins, etc. and of course these things DO matter but when I was introduced to Earthing – it changed everything. Now when I see a patient I’m excited to share with them the power of Earthing and encourage everyone to make it part of their daily habits. This is because Earthing helps to mitigate the gradual increase in chronic inflammation. Some people in their 40s or 50s might wonder “Hmm…I eat healthy but I don’t sleep at night..” Well, Earthing may be that missing key for you.


What is Earthing? 

Earthing is standing, walking, running on bare feet! That’s it! What does being barefoot have anything to do with health? A lot!! The Earth has a natural, nurturing and gentle electric energy that has plenty of benefits. 

Amazingly, Earthing helps reduce stress, feel and look younger, reduce pain, improve sleep, speed healing, reduce fatigue and benefits athletes!


How exactly does Earthing work? 

When we connect to the Earth we’re gaining free electrons that are important for our health. Just like the sun has life-giving energy and nutrients, the earth too is a source of energy that provides elements that contribute to optimum health.


How can I do Earthing? 

You can do Earthing outside or inside. But when inside, being barefoot doesn’t automatically give you the benefits of Earthing. Even if we’re barefoot, all types of indoor floors prevent us from connecting with the earth – unless we’re using Earthing products. With these products, we can use the outlet in our homes and connect directly to the ground – which connects us to the Earth! 

How often and for how long do I need to Earth?

Earth everyday! That’s right, everyday! If we sleep everyday, we need to Earth everyday. Now you’re wondering what if I don’t have any Earthing mats or Earthing bed sheets how am I going to Earth everyday? Well, if you’re in an apartment/condo or if you live in a house all you need to get started is a chair to sit on, a bit of grass to rest your bare feet on and 15-30 minutes (the longer the better) to Earth. You will feel a sense of calmness and your sleep will get so much better!


Other resources I recommend:

Research: https://earthinginstitute.net/

Earthing Products and Images from Earthing Canada: https://earthingcanada.ca

Book on Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?



Happy Earthing!


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