As MLA Linda Reid states, Hollywood has the Oscars, Richmond has Ethel Tibbits.

Nearly three dozen local women have been nominated for the 2010 Ethel Tibbits Women of Distinction Awards, which recognizes the achievements and contributions of local women to the betterment of the city.

Dr. Neetu Dhiman is honored to be nominated for the prestigious Ethel Tibbits Award in the Business Category.  The winners will be announced on May 18th at the awards luncheon.

 17th Annual Ethel Tibbits Awards

Ethel Tibbits was a trailblazer and a pioneering newswoman who started her career as a Vancouver Province reporter in the 1920s before moving to Richmond.  She began working at a fledgling newspaper, The Richmond Review. Within a year she bought itand Ethel was the editor of The Richmond Review.

Ethel was known as a force to be reckoned with. Week after week she explored the daunting issues of the Depression era, writing intelligent and hard-hitting editorials. She was tough, insightful and strong in her opinions. For example, in 1933 she predicted England would join the rising conflict in Europe. In 1942 in a series of editorials she openly criticized the government's plan to intern Japanese Canadians. She was ahead of her time, and became a legend in Richmond.

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