Did you know that the practitioners at Brio Integrative Health Centre are often asked to give health lectures, lunch and learns, and participate in corporate health shows?

On November 12tSpeaker at Business convention and Presentation.h, the team at Brio will be participating in a local health show at a corporation in Richmond.

Dr. Carin, Dr. Braun and Dr. Lee will be interacting with employees and speaking on various health topics including:

  1. Top 3 ways Chinese Medicine can help you prevent the common cold and flu.

  2. The power of Low-Level Laser Therapy to heal lower-leg injuries, including plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains and knee injuries.

  3. Healthy Living 101 Program: Our 12-week weight loss and healthy living program.

Lunch and Learns or Healthy Living 101 Program

If your business or group is interested in having one of the practitioners do a Lunch and Learn or if you are interested in having our 12-week Healthy Living 101 program come to your organization, please give us a call!

Phone: (604) 271-9355 (WELL)

In the past we have spoken at local support groups, seniors events,  sports events, church groups, corporate wellness shows and at many local businesses.  We can speak on various health topics including:  Low Energy/Fatigue, Allergy prevention, Pain Management,  Brain health, nutrition, Acupuncture, Naturopathic Medicine, etc.

Our passion is in helping the community of Richmond become healthier.

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