Hi Everyone,

We would like to remind everyone that it is only 8 days left to Christmas! This means we will be sending our non-perishable foods to the food bank early next week. We are so pleased with everybody's participation this year!

However, the food banks are desperately needing more donations. Suggestions for non-perishable donations include: peanut butter, powdered or tinned milk, iron fortified formula, juices, tinned beans, fish and meats, tinned fruits and vegetables, soups and chunky soups. Or send a donation by cheque. That allows the Food Bank to buy food as needed – including fresh fruits and vegetables – throughout the year. In fact each dollar donated allows them to distribute $6 worth of food.

Here is the link to make a financial donation online to the food bank: http://bit.ly/9RuPzt

If you make an online donation, please let Kyra know and she will enter you into our Brio Gives Back Christmas raffle.

According to an article by CBC News on November 16, 2010.

Food bank use across Canada is at the highest level since 1997, with nearly 900,000 people turning to them in March 2010, says a survey released Tuesday.

Food bank use across Canada is at its highest level since 1997.

Food bank use across Canada is at its highest level since 1997. (CBC)

The HungerCount 2010 survey found that 867,948 people used food banks in March 2010, an increase of 9.2 per cent or more than 73,000 people compared with the previous year. The figure was 28 per cent higher than in 2008.

Read more: http://bit.ly/bjTzCf

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