I did in fact complete 30 days of hot/cold showers.  I must say even I was shocked at the results.  I hated doing it up until about two and a half weeks.  At that point it became easier and I had a noticeable surge in my day to day energy.  Usually energy is pretty good, but this was unreal.  If I touched caffeine after work, I wouldn't sleep until 3am, with my new surge of energy.  I feel quite a bit warmer.  Generally, I had a tendency to be cold.  Temperature did a complete up-regulation.  I found more movement, and felt less sluggish.  Wasn't such a huge push to get moving.  My body energetically already felt moving, and when i wanted to exercise or something of that nature, it wasn't a challenge.
After the 30 days do i still do it?  Yes I do!  I think the 30 days was necessary because, had I stopped, I wouldn't have notice the dramatic change that occurred at two and a half weeks.  Do I miss some days?  Yes, now I miss days here and there, but for the most part, I keep up with it.  It is shocking to me, how good it makes me feel.  And no cost!  It's following the laws of the body.
A few patients mentioned that the shock of the cold spray resulted in feeling light headed.  If that is the case, start with semi-cold and slowly work your way down to a completely cold spray.  It may take your body time to adjust, but that means it would be even more of a bonus to include it into your daily routine.  
Hmm…need a new 30 day challenge…thinking castor oil packs.  I will get back to you on this one!  Stay tuned…

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