April 22 marks Earth Day, which has become a yearly celebration for Brio. For the past several years we have celebrated with a great gift basket give away. Our purpose for this gift basket is to promote sustainable products from local businesses. It's easy to think we have to travel far to find these products, but that's just not true!  Over the past few years, we have had donations from local businesses including Raintree Wellness Spa, Cabin+Cub, EcoService, High Crow, Galloways, Save on Foods and more. 


This year, due to some events coming up at Brio (including the movie screening of GMO OMG for BCNA Naturopathic Medicine Week) we have chosen to post pone our gift basket give away to October 22nd. However, we feel that every day should be considered Earth Day. With that being said here are some tips for you that may save you time, money and resources : 


  • Tip#1 : Reuse Old Clothing

How many bags of clothing do you throw away each year? Try hosting a clothing swap with family or friends. Or, donate your clothing to people in need.

  • Tip#2 : Better Food, Lower Carbon Footprint

Buying organic matters. Did you know that organically farmed soil is high in carbon based organic matter, so more carbon is held in the soil and not released into the air? Organic farming practices also promote biodiversity and improve soil quality, making for stronger crops that can better handle the stress of extreme weather. 

  • Tip#3 : Use Less Water

Each person can contribute to conserving our usable water supply by using water wisely. For example, turn off water when brushing your teeth, wash your car on the grass, take a quick shower instead of a bath.

Would you like some more tips for inspiration? click HERE.


Stay tuned for how to be entered in the Fall when we celebrate Earth Day at that time.



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