Wednesday May 14th, Brio will be hosting our third annual BCNA Naturopathic Medicine Week Movie-GMO OMG. We are so excited to announce one of our experts on our panel, who will be discussing GMO's after the movie showing. We have Harold Steves, a former school teach and active rancher by profession. Harold is an active member of the Seed Savers Exchange, growing over 50 varieties of locally adapted heirloom vegetables to maintain genetic diversity. He is very active in community life in the Steveston area, and is particularly interested in the preservation of farmland, heritage preservation, and environmental issues.

He entered politics as an MLA and was active in the establishment of the "Agricultural Land Reserve" under the Dave Barrett NDP Government and for the following decades, one of its strongest defenders. He is presently active in the Farmland Defense League and is a Richmond City Councillor. 

Harold is the Vice Chair of Planning and Agriculture for Metro Vancouver and is promoting preservation, urban and food security for the region.

If you are interested in coming to watch the documentary GMO OMG, and learning more from our experts, click here.

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