A big thank you to Teresa Lynne who was one of our guest speakers for our GMO OMG event.  Here are some of the highlights of her presentation and important links:
GE Free BC is a network of community organizations working for sustainable
agriculture and supporting municipal GE Free resolutions across BC.
What is Genetic Engineering (GE) and Genetic modification (GM)?
It is the taking on genes or DNA segments from one organism and inserting them into another organism.  Unlike conventional breeding, the process of GE transfers genes between different organisms that would not breed in nature.  This technology introduces foreign genes into food that we eat. 
What are the issues with GE crops? (from earthopensource.org

1.  No independent research for safety

2.  Increased use in herbicides and pesticides

3.  Genetic contamination

4.  Corporate control of seeds and food supply

5.  Patenting of seeds

6.  Our right to know has been denied

7.  Economic impacts

8. Unsustainable farming methods

9. Bees and butterflies are disappearing from the  use of glyphosate in RoundUp

What can we do to avoid GM foods? 
•  read labels

•  avoid processed foods with corn, soy, canola, cottonseed and sugar

  buy organic and/or non-GMO Verified products

•  buy organic or grass-fed meat, eggs and dairy

•  avoid sweet corn, Hawaiian papaya and some US zucchini and yellow crookneck squash (unless organic)

What can we do to stop GM foods?

•  support our local farmers who oppose GM crops

•  buy local, at farmer’s markets, supports CSAs

•  grow your own food

•  start a conversation on GMOs

•  ask restaurants to provide non-GMO food

•  write emails and letters to store managers and head offices asking them not to sell GMOs

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