April 2018 – exactly 1 year from now will mark the 10 year anniversary of Brio Integrative Health Centre!!

Brio since day one has been a labor of love, as any small business owner can likely relate, the amount of hours, dedication, sacrifice put into growing a small clinic can only arise from total dedication and passion to be of service to the community at large.

Dr. Neetu and Dr. Jeff’s paths crossed, ironically, while taking a business course specifically for Naturopathic Doctor’s.  Both having already started small practices in Richmond, began to start to complete homework assignments as a small mastermind group.  Quickly it became clear that both Dr. Neetu and Dr. Jeff shared the same Philosophy of healing and wellness.  Treat the person; treat the root level; treat the cellular health of the patient to allow the body to restore balance and harmony.  Rare that two ND’s shared such a common Philosophy and Mission and so Brio came to be.

Shortly after Brio opened, Kyra joined the team, and has worked selflessly in line with, as well as playing a major role in cultivating the Brio mission and philosophy.  Her take on Holistic Nutrition could have taken a variety of avenues, however, her philosophy of healing matched Brio’s mission.

As Brio grew a bit more stable an Associate was able to join the team.  Enter Dr. Carin who’s style of Practice also fell completely in line with Brio Philosophy.

family tree

Soon thereafter – arrives Linda, our super trained RMT.  Come to recognize that Linda’s philosophy of care also matches the mission of Brio.  And her knowledge of all levels of healing were quite exceptional!

Lets now welcome Laura – coming in pre-primed and in line with Brio philosophy of healing and Holistic Nutrition addressing the root causes of imbalance.

Lastly, Dario joins the team.  And shocking, but at this point not surprising – his philosophy of healing,  Nutrition, and Laser to reach the cellular level of healing.  A full alignment with Brio’s Mission and Philosophy to heal.

Brio’s Mission and Philosophy to heal has always from day one been Service based versus Supplement heavy.  Treat the patient, not the disease.  There are no quick fixes to healing; there can be quick relief from symptoms YES, but the origin of dis-ease takes time and courage and effort to heal.  Time and courage from both the Practitioner and the Patient.

In a society of instant gratification and quick success and magic bullet cures – to go against the grain to create a labor of love – Dr. Neetu and Dr. Jeff set the foundation for this beautiful team to come together.  We were told repeatedly that deep rooted treatment and a service based clinic could not make it.  Yet we continued on day in and day out and well…we are so beyond thrilled to be a part of this healing community and your healing journey for 10 years now.

Reflecting back on what does it take to go against the grain and now set the precedence for a new model of health care?

Where does this drive and passion come from; it must be in our DNA we all agree.

Yes, it most definitely is.  In this beautifully touching series titled, “The Heritage Series”  we will reflect back on our family history, sharing stories and history and understanding of health and healing, while honoring the family from which each of us here at Brio came from.

Heritage Series

Beginning next month, we will feature one of our special team members of Brio sharing and interview of their family – exploring where this passion and dedication to heal came from.  It’s going to be a beautiful exploration and we would love it if you could join us.  Being a perfect representation of Vancouver, four of our team members are first generation Canadian with Immigrant parents.  Our parents essentially are the last bridge between the “Old World” and “Modern World”.  Three of our Brio team members have Parents with roots, generations deep in Canadian history.

The stories shared will honor the origin of this collective rhythm of Brio’s Roots.  From our Parents!  Please enjoy and see if you can pin point the characteristic traits and passions that have been shared from generations passed.

First off in the series will be Dr. Neetu – a conversation with her Dad…


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