Press Release
10 years ago this month, April 2003, Dr. Neetu began her practice as a Naturopathic Doctor.  Having her start in Yaletown at a well established Naturopathic Clinic, fresh out of CCNM, the journey began.
The Journey, much like a health journey requires many hours of dedication, requires a clear vision, requires high energy, and requires resilience.  
The Journey led Neetu to move her practice from Yaletown to a modest office in Richmond in 2005.  Practicing from there for 3 years, she learned to develop her business sense and entrepreneurial skills.  In 2008, Dr. Neetu and Dr. Lee partnered to open what was initially named, Wellspring Integrative Health Center.  Having quickly learned that the name was already in use, it was appropriately re-named Brio Integrative Health Center.  The mix up was a blessing in disguise.  The definition of Brio is:  active, or spirited or alive.  Denoting energy change.  This is the foundation of our clinic practice.  "Energy".
Dr. Neetu was always confident in her style of practice, which was established in her first year and hasn't really wavered in the fundamental laws of healing.  Under her mentor Dr. Dickson Thom, she became a proficient student of Biological Drainage.  A system of healing having origins in Belgium and France and Germany.  Using "Energy" to treat the cellular terrain or the "soil" of the garden, give it the proper nutrients, the proper oxygenation, the proper detoxification, a safe environment to grow.  And the growing weeds (symptom) will resolve and the patient comes to realize, weeds were never the true issue.
The laws of how Dr. Neetu practices is one of the many things she is most proud of over the past 10 years.  Sticking to her guns, and in a time of "fancy alternative medicine," has never strayed very far from the true roots of Naturopathic Forefathers.  The philosophy always places the patient as priority.  Meet them where they are at  We follow where the patient takes us and act as the coach along the way.
Dr. Neetu is extremely proud of the clinic and the team, whose tireless efforts, make up Brio.  It truly is a clinic of healing and excellence, and she is so thankful to come to work each day.  She is humbled by the patients at Brio and their dedication to bettering themselves each and every day.  Dr. Neetu is excited by the thought of the next 10 years, looking forward to growth and bettering Brio, day-by-day.

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