BC Naturopathic Medicine Week May 7 to 13th 2012


Our very own, Dr. Jeffrey Lee ND is the BC representative for Naturopathic Medicine Week (NMW) this year.  

Naturopathic Medicine Week is a national event where local naturopaths participate in local events to teach about natural medicine, health promotion and disease prevention.

Dr. Jeff’s role is to help raise awareness of Naturopathic Medicine in BC and to support doctors from around the province in their events.  

Many exciting events happening around the province, from hands-on herbal workshops, movie screenings, gluten-free taste test, meet&greets at Whole Foods and many health lectures.  

Brio will be screening a documentary of "Forks over Knives" Stay tuned for further details.

Please visit www.bcnaturopathicweek.ca to learn more and connect with us via Facebook and Twitter.  

BC Naturopathic Medicine Week May 7-13
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