This is a great article we found on The New York Times website published November 29, 2010. The article discusses a travelling Acupuncturist, Lisa Ripi, who works with 40 NFL players assisting them their sports injuries. Some of her clients include, Jets fullback Tony Richardson and Pittsburgh linebacker James Farrior.


Professional football players partake in a violent game, and as the season progresses, they spend more time in training rooms than on practice fields. They visit chiropractors and massage therapists, practice yoga, undergo electronic stimulation and nap in hyperbaric chambers.


Players discussing Lisa Ripi's Acupuncture treatments and improvements though this therapy.

Players say her sessions are their most important treatment. They feel more loose, more flexible. Richardson finds acupuncture uncomfortable but said it made an immediate 10 percent difference. For sculptured bodies tuned like racecars, 10 percent constitutes a significant improvement.


To read the full article written by Greg Bishop :


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