Kyra Sturrock is a Registered Holistic Nutitionist (RHN) who graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

From a young age, Kyra has been passionate about health and well being. She has been very active in a variety of sports, dance, cardio classes and yoga. With diabetes, high blood pressure, and weight to be common issues of her family, she knew she wanted to prevent her future from developing into similar patterns. After suffering for years, with chronic ear infections Kyra found making dietary changes to really improve her symptoms. Soon after graduation, Kyra connected with a Wellness Center in Tsawwasswen, where she did metabolic testing and nutritional consulting with employees of large corporations.When Dr.Neetu and Dr.Jeff were looking for a receptionist who was a RHN graduate, Kyra interviewed with them and knew she had found the right people and practice to join. Three years later, Kyra enthusiastically enjoys her job at Brio as Clinic Coordinator and is thrilled about growing her career as a RHN with the Brio team.

Kyra is dedicated to create individualized whole foods, lifestyle and supplement plans for her clients, empowering them to achieve optimal health. The connections between body, mind and spirit is an integral and important part of these studies. It is scientifically demonstrated that our state of mind and spiritual well being affect our physical health. Each individual is biochemically unique, with individual nutritional imbalances and weaknesses. Kyra can develop a completely custom program unique to you, based on your food preferences and  intolerances or sensitivities, lifestyle and genetic predispositions.

Kyra is extremely passionate about health and excited to launch with Dr.Neetu Dhiman, Brio`s Healthy Weight Loss Program. This Weight Loss Program follows Brio`s philosophy of how the body heals. This is not a fad diet with no gimmicks. When we begin to eat for our  personal metabolic type, a healthy body will shed unwanted weight and increase our energy. Kyra does not believe that a weight loss program means depriving yourself. Achieving your ideal weight is a symptom of health and balance.

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