Weight loss is a billion dollar industry with confusing diets and fad products. You know these programs don't work in the long run; we know those program don't work in the long run.
We have designed a program that works. For your lifetime. We teach you how to unlock your unique metabolic code and rev up your fat burning metabolism. 
The Brio Healthy Weight Loss Program is designed to focus on creating a healthy body, there are no gimmicks, magic pills, or formulas.
A healthy body will shed unwanted weight and unleash energy like never before.


This 14 week program will teach you:

  • to eat a "whole foods" lifestyle
  • to optimize your immune system, enhance sleep, increase energy
  • tools to boost your sluggish metabolism
  • the true meaning behind food cravings
  • why low fat diets are making you fat
  • to connect with emotions, enhance mood and hormones
  • to enhance fat burning while you sleep
  • tools to prevent/reverse the onset of diabetes and heart disease
  • to eat foods you love without guilt or fear


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Brio's Physician Designed Healthy Weight Loss Program
There are 4 weigh-ins. The weigh-ins include: 
  • Scale weight
  • Inches taken-measuring biceps; chest; waist; hips; thighs; and calves
  • Body fat percentage so we can determine how much muscle the person currently has and how much surrounding body fat the person has.
  • The goal is to watch the lean muscle mass increase and the body fat percentage decrease. The goal is not to watch the scale weight decrease.
  • The weigh-ins take place the 1st week; after the 4th week; after the 8th week; and after the 12th week.
  • Results of weigh ins are printed and provided and also emailed to patients.
Two 15 minute visits with a Naturopathic doctor. In the 15 minue consults we will:
  • Go over blood work ordered before the start of the program and at the end of the program. Pre-conditions are discussed and changes made a the end of the program are discussed.
  • Blood pressure is taken at the 1st weigh in; as well as after the 12th week.
Two sets of pictures-before and after photos are taken.

A binder is provided and notes each week for the 12 weeks of seminars.

A pocket notebook is provided to make notes of changes.

A complimentary bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar is provided at the first week seminar. 

Email questions and support provided.

And additional Holistic Nutrition visits can be scheduled after the end of the program as support until target goals are attained.


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