Over the years fats have been demonized as the cause of obesity and heart conditions. And it certainly doesn’t help that this macronutrient bears the same name as our not-so-favourite body shape description! But recently we’ve been hearing a different tune when it comes to fats and oils – we need more! Of course, the key is, we need more of the healthy kind.


Fats and oils are essential to health. In fact, your brain is made of at least 60% fat. And with the exponential rise in dementia this is a crucial time for us to understand which fats are helping us and which aren’t.

Specific contents of fats and oils have also been studied in the role of whole body inflammation which is critical to skin health, chronic pain, nerve health as well as brain health.

Join Dr. Carin and the friendly residents on Tuesday, August 18th at Gilmore Gardens in West Richmond to discuss Healthy Fats. Let’s clear up some confusion about which fats we need more of and the critical role healthy fats play in energy, brain health and inflammation.


Seating is limited! If you’re planning to attend, please notify Brio 604-271-9355 by Friday, August 14th to help us make room for everyone. See you there!

Wellness Session: Healthy Fats

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015 at 1:30pm

Gilmore Gardens Seniors Residence

4088 Blundell Road

Richmond, BC  V7C 5V1

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