Brio Integrative Health Centre is very pleased to provide the First Line Therapy (FLT) Program, a comprehensive program that can help you address unwanted weight gain and lifestyle related health complaints such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes/cardiometabolic syndrome and insulin resistance, chronic pain and other conditions related to aging. 

This program is based on clinically effective means of promoting healthy body composition while maintaining muscle mass. The ability to achieve this is one of the best signs of healthy aging. The First Line Therapy program incorporates a low-glycemic dietary plan that, according to recent research, helps people have more energy and feel less hungry when compared to other, commonly used nutrition programs.

Different FLT plans have been developed to suit patients needs. All plans include clinical nutrition, menu planning, exercise programs, stress counseling/treatment and bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) testing.

BIA analysis provides information on your body composition including fat mass, lean body mass, cellular hydration, phase angle, basal metabolic rate and BMI. Dr. Lee will then provide you with an individualized program to address your unique needs. We also offer recommendations for dietary supplementation as needed.

Further options to enhance the basic plan include: vitamin injections (offer higher absorption than oral dosing), and  Acupuncture (aids in weight loss, food cravings, stress management, pain). Enrollment into the program includes a First Line Therapy binder with information to educate the patient on various relevant topics which are to be read and then discussed with your Naturopathic Doctor.

Contact our Richmond Naturopathic clinic today. Enroll in one of these plans to not only help you achieve better health now and to maintain good health for a lifetime. 



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