During the last decade, a growing interest in Phototherapy has emerged from the creative use of lasers, in other words Low Level  Laser Therapy—LLLT.

This form of therapy is now widely used for the treatment of a variety of conditions, including wound healing, reduction of edema and pain of various pathologies. The one that I’m going to focus on for this blog in on wound healing.

laser therapy healingWounds could be open or closed small or big and this doesn’t matter when it comes LLLT. If the wound is open there are 2 ways to heal it. Either you cover it up with saran wrap and place the probe right on the wound or you hover the probe just over the wound. At Brio we like former because its clean and hygienic. But before we do that lets review the healing process first. There are four—1) hemostasis (blood clotting) 2) inflammation (damaged and dead cells are cleared out), 3) proliferation (growth of new tissue), and 4) remodelling (cells that are no longer needed are removed by programmed cell death and very little scar tissue or none at all). Without getting into all 4 when you come in for LASER treatment it’s going to help with pain, inflammation and remodelling. First sign of healing is reduced pain and inflammation. You can see this on the first treatment! That’s right the FIRST! After that continual LASER treatment will see the healing takes place right before your eyes! It’s amazing!

So for example if you get stitches and the doctor tells you to have them removed in 10 days (it doesn’t matter how many they are) with LASER you may be able to have it removed in 5 or 6 days!  But more importantly is the remodelling or maturation process. The sooner you get in to do LASER the better the chance of having no scar or very little of it!

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