In the video above, I share about what I have been doing personally to avoid getting sick this season.

Did you notice that many people were sick this past summer?  This may have been one of the worst summers in a long time, with people experiencing colds, congestion and various lung symptoms outside of the normal cold and flu season.  To make matters worse, these viruses seemed to have lingered in our communities, as I am noticing an earlier onset of colds and flus this season.  I have spoken to several other doctors in the lower mainland, and they reported the same thing.  Experts who use information from the flu season in Australia to predict the severity of the flu season in Vancouver have confirmed that Australia had a particularly bad year.

In previous blogs, we posted many tips to get you through the cold and flu season including: immune-boosting foods, probiotics and, my favourite herb, astragalus. Please read about them here, and here!

Today, I want to highlight two things that I am personally doing to prepare myself for the cold and flu season.

First, I am taking “Cold Q” Chinese herbal formula.  This contains my favourite herb, astragalus, which strengthens the immune system.  I really like the Cold Q herbal formula because it is very effective and easy to take. It comes in a convenient spray bottle.

The second thing is Intravenous (IV) Nutrient Therapy.  IV therapy delivers vitamins and minerals directly into the blood stream.  It is a super-efficient and effective way of boosting the immune system because 100% of the vitamins and minerals are absorbed.

At Brio, we have created a brand new “Immune-Strengthening IV” formula for this season.  We have significantly increased the dosage of Vitamin C and added other important ingredients that boost and strengthen the immune system.  We have also increased the size of the IV bag to accommodate the increased quantity of immune-boosting nutrients.


If you are not familiar with IV Therapy, here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

How does IV Nutrient Therapy work to heal my body? 

When you are sick, exhausted or dealing with inflammation, your cells lose the ability to efficiently absorb nutrients.  This becomes a problem because in order for our cells to heal, it needs to take up the nutrients to repair itself.  IV Therapy can help all our cells receive nutrients by providing a high enough concentration gradient that drives the nutrients inside the cells.  Once the cell has all the appropriate nutrients, it will create energy and function as a healthy cell again. You will notice an improved recovery, decrease in fatigue and a feeling of well-being.

What is the difference between IV Therapy and taking oral vitamins and minerals?

IV Therapy provides nutrients directly into the bloodstream and can achieve blood concentrations of vitamins and minerals far higher than any oral supplements.  It is also important to note that even with a 12-fold increase in oral vitamin C, only about 25% reaches the bloodstream, because the digestive tract limits the amount of nutrients absorbed.  Under normal conditions, oral supplementation of vitamins and minerals will meet the needs of the general population.  However, many people have malabsorption issues, causing nutrients from the foods or supplements they consume to not be taken up into the body effectively.


In health,
Dr. Lee

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