Don't miss our free "Weight Loss Rehab" info session on December 18th at 6:30 pm with Dr. Jeff and Kyra! Weight issues may be one of the top concerns asked about during patient consults. Find out in our free info session how to view weight gain from a:

1. Naturopathic Perspective, which looks at weight as a "SYMPTOM" of what is going on in the body. The weight is not the issue…weight gain is simply themessenger to tell the body that something deeper at the root level is off balance. The root level, could include various stressors and factors. We take each of these key factors and have turned each one into a weekly topic for 12 weeks. Realizing that each persons metabolism is unique to them…and one attendee will find amazing success with the topic of week one, and the second attendee will find amazing success with the topic discussed in week 4! Each person is unique and must be treated as an individual. 

The symbol of this picture below…think of weight as the leaves. If there is a dead leaf or branch, the real issue is at the roots under the soil. If we keep focusing on the leaves and branches, there will never be success. However, heal the soil and make the roots healthier…a dead leaf or root (aside from Autumn) is never the problem. 

Break the cycle by treating the root imbalance in the body!

2. The Weight loss industry strictly focuses on leaves. Thinking that weight is only an issue related to food. 

Join us to find out on December 18th how this flawed thinking sets up what we know to be a vicious battle AGAINST our own bodies = Struggle.

Treat the root cause and we work in harmony WITH our bodies = Success 


Call today to reserve your seat for the December 18th session.Call 604-271-9355 or register online HERE.

Don`t worry if you won`t make the info session in December, we will be hosting another on Wednesday January 7, 2015 at 6:30 pm. Click HERE to register for the January info session!

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