Hi Everyone!
I thought the New Year would be a great time to further introduce myself and share some of my passions and hobbies.
I love to travel and I love to learn new things, so when I can take health related courses to
enhance my skills as an RMT while enjoying the thrill of new surroundings, I'm motivated to
pack my bags and my books!
I've travelled from the sprawling city of Toronto to the lush green and blue of Hawaii to take
Craniosacral therapy courses.  Then to Albuquerque, Seattle and San Francisco to study the
Barral method of Visceral Manipulation.  And my interest in the  Fascial Manipulation method
may very well one day take me to the land of its founder, Luigi Stecco, -Italy!
  Of course, its not always feasible to skip town to further my education, and most of my
'upgrades' have been in this fair city (no complaints here!) Still, there's nothing like having your brain digesting new knowledge while watching the silhouettes of surfers at dusk on Waikiki Beach.  Its a nice balance.
  I like getting to know colleagues from other places and making new
connections within my profession.
  I hope to introduce you to some of the techniques I've learned on my travels and share with you all the interesting highlights of the seminars and courses I'll be taking throughout the year.
Yours truely, 
Linda McLaren RMT

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