During the week of Sept 1-8th, Brio was closed for our summer break.  During this week break I had the honor of joining my good friend, and one of my favorite people ever, Leon, on his book tour.  Leon was embarking on a #givingback road trip tour, where he absorbed all costs of the tour and spoke for free at venues across America.  I was lucky enough to tag along for the start of the tour and joined him and his tour manager Jeff, for speeches at:  film festivals, Rotary Clubs, Fundraising Events for Pitt bulls, and my absolute favorite part of the tour was when he would speak to children and teens.  I got to see Leon speak at several schools and it was extremely powerful.  His message about being kind to one another, extending a bit of love outside of our comfort zones, teaching the power of giving and most importantly, the transformation of spirit that can occur with human connection.


the kindness diariesAfter each speech, Leon would often receive emails of thank-you from the teens he spoke with.  One email in particular touched us all.  A young girl, who was an exchange student from India, sent Leon a message the day he spoke at her school.  She wrote to Leon explaining how she was having such a tough time at her new school since moving from India.  She felt very isolated, really had not made any friends, and spent two years eating lunch alone in the back garden of the school.  After Leon’s speech, two different girls approached her and began a conversation.  She then got introduced to their peer groups.  In the email she reported to Leon how she met two groups of new girl friends, and no longer had to eat lunch alone.  This was Powerful!  His words so simple, clear and direct; very much presented in a manner in which the tween and teen mind could comprehend and take action; and this was the result.  Over and over, he would receive emails explaining how after his speech, teens who at times felt isolated and even suicidal, had peers reach out to them.  They would report how they felt a sense of connection and renewed vibrancy for life.  Unbelievable.  It was clear to all of us on the tour that our kids need some light, direction and connection.  The message was simple, the impact was profound.  It was healing for all of us to witness.

Leon is a TV host, producer, author, traveler and all around good guy.  He wrote a book called, “The Kindness Diaries“, which was loosely inspired by the motion picture, “The Motorcycle Diaries,” which if any of you have seen, it is a romanticized version of Che Guevara and his beginnings.  The basic premise of the book was part memoir, part social experiment, and part self-heart healing.  Two years ago, Leon circumnavigated the globe on a vintage motorbike fueled by kindness.  Yes, you read correctly, just kindness!  He was unable to accept money from anyone.  He was only able to accept food, gas for the bike, and accommodations.  What Leon experienced was the power of human connection.  The power of being seen.  Around the globe he went, and the stories to tell were all captured in his amazing book.  The #givingbacktour was a presentation of the power of kindness based on experiences from “The Kindness Diaries.”

Leon’s book became a #1 best seller on Amazon, and this past Tuesday, October 6th, 2015, it was released in paperback form!

Leon’s mission with “The Kindness Diaries,” is to renew people’s faith in the bonds that connect everyone, and inspire people to accept and generate kindness in their own life.

We would love it if you could join the Kindness Mission.  Here’s how you can help:

1.  Thinking of gifts for Christmas, or a feel good way to start the new year.  You can purchase a paperback copy here:   Chapters. Indigo or Amazon

2.  Do you have any social media pages?  If yes, you can pay the kindness forward and help share the news on facebook, twitter, personal blogs, etc.  


3.  Visit Leon’s website and subscribe to his newsletter to keep up with all of his travels and acts of kindness:  Leon Logothetis

You may recall that Leon generously donated the Hard copy version of his book, to help me collect donations to build a school in India.  I would love to offer a copy of the Kindness Diaries to the first three people who help us with the Kindness Mission.  Simply show proof of social media sharing to Kyra and Laura and we will give you a copy!

We see you Brio Family, thank you for your willingness to help!

In Health, Dr. Neetu

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