I haven't had many opportunities to travel due to many years of being in school and then starting a business.  But, I have had some, and when I am able to get away, I generally learn so much.  This last trip to India was another vacation eye opener.  I love learning how people live in various parts of the world…gets me out of my comfort zone, and I love being adaptable to where I am at the moment.  This stop was: Mumbai, Goa and Kerala.  

This trip prompted me to re-introduce a therapy that I am really familiar with, have studied up on it loads, and it is practiced in Finland as a therapy.  It is practiced in India often by lack of hot water, and many other countries I am sure.  The treatment will ramp up the immune system and avoid trips to a doctor.

Here's the challenge.  Hydrotherapy: meaning "therapy by water"  – 30 day's Hot/Cold Showers!  Yes, in the winter.
I started on Nov 13th, but I encourage everyone to try this as soon as you read it.
The therapy:  
  • Take your regular shower, with normal temperature water.  
  • Towards the end, increase the temperature of the water to a hot temperature, that is tolerable, and not at all damaging to the skin.  Continue the hot portion for 2-3 minutes. 
  • After 2-3 minutes, turn off the hot water, completely, and count from 1 Mississippi, 2 Missisippi etc up to 20 or 30 Missisippi.  Essentially a 20 to 30 second cold spray.  Turn around to allow the spray to hit the entire surface of the body front and back.  You can avoid the head if you like.
  • After the 20 or 30 seconds, shut off the water.  Always finish with cold water.
The theory:
  • The jump from hot to cold is essential.  It doesn't work with a mild cooler spray.  The hot to cold jump triggers the white blood cells to increase – increasing the immune system
  • The hot-cold jump triggers the heart to pump for a short burst.  Increasing oxygen to the cells, and nutrients delivered to the cells, and therefore increases removal of toxins and carbon dioxide from the cells.
  • The hot-cold jump increases lymphatic movement.  The lymph system is what is responsible for taking out toxins from the body.  The lymph system, pumps two times more fluid than the blood.  And lymph is what gets swollen with when we are sick.  Most common down the throat they can be felt, or under the under arms, and occasionally in the groin.  
  • Lymph movement is essential for an optimal immune system.  In our society we are usually quite comfortable, warm houses, warm cars with seat warmers, warm work places, and extremely warm clothing.  This is a set up for stagnant lymphatic movement.  We must move the lymph…our immune system health demands it.
My experience:

  • So far I am loving the benefits.  Most people are hesitant because we feel we will be cold.  However, after the cold spray you are usually quite warm/hot.  I have felt my overall body temperature and circulation improve.
  • I am really energized after the shower, a similar endorphin rush that I get after exercise
  • Increase in energy
  • No sickness, not in India, and not upon returning.  Pretty good for not taking any travel vaccines or malaria pills.  Those Unda remedies sure do, do the trick  :)
  • I think this 30 day challenge that I started for myself, will turn into a permanent habit!
The challenge:

  • Try it for 30 days.  Note how you feel before and after.  In particular…make notes on sleep, energy, mood, appetite and rate each one.  At the start of 30 days and after 30 days.  
  • Easy and highly effective, no cost.  100% effect on immune optimization.
  • I would encourage  to not enforce this on children.  If you are an adult and want to do this of your own will, the 30 day challenge is for you
  • let us know how you felt, post on our facebook group or send us an email.  We would love to hear your thoughts.
Happy Hydrotherapy-ing.

In health, Neetu


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