Last year we had a number of our acupuncture patients begin taking Jade Windscreen in early October. They were all amazed at how strong their immune system was even when family, friends and colleagues were sick!

Jade Windscreen

Our feature product this month is Jade Windscreen. Astragalus is the main ingredient of Jade Windscreen and is my herb of choice to protect me from colds and flus during the winter months. I begin taking Jade Windscreen in the beginning of October for prevention.

What is Astragalus?

Chinese MedicineAstragalus has been used in Chinese Medicine to support and enhance the immune system for thousands of years.

The root is used in teas, soups and herbal formulas to help prevent colds and flu’s.

A Safe Herbal Formula

Jade Windscreen is a very safe herbal formula that is well tolerated by all my patients. It comes in a convenient tablet form and is very cost effective.

To learn more about Jade Windscreen, give us a call at the clinic.  (604) 271-9355

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