As the month of October was fast approaching, Kyra was making plans to start to wind down the intensity of Office Manager at Brio, and take a few weeks to rest and nest awaiting baby MacArthur’s arrival.

Friday Sept 28th, we had a beautiful Brio Baby shower and send off planned for Kyra, however Baby M had different plans.

Four weeks ahead of his scheduled arrival, Sept 29th marks the day Kyra and Colin became parents to a beautiful, healthy, robust Baby Boy.

Please celebrate with us in the arrival of Tyson David MacArthur!!

Kyra has settled into her role as mom like a pro being the natural nurturer that she is.  They are loving their bonding time and all falling in love with each other day after day.

Kyra has sent along a few pictures and given us the go-ahead to share.  Can you just stop for a second and take in the cuteness?  Also have a look at the bear, hand knit but Grandma Carol (Kyra’s mom).  It is very clear Tyson is just being bathed in love.

Kyra we miss your your daily goodness here at Brio, however, we are soooo thrilled for you, Colin and the entire extended Sturrock and MacArthur Fam.

Kyra will be on Maternity leave for the next 18 months enjoying mommy-hood.

Here’s to Brio Babies!  Lots of love from the Brio Team.

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