Did you know our brain is more than 60% structural fat which needs to be primarily omega-3 fats, found in walnuts and flaxseed and cod liver oil, for its cell membranes to function properly. Cell membranes, primarily composed of fats, are the gatekeepers of the cell. Omega-3 fats, flexible and fluid by nature, make it easy for nutrients to pass thru the outer membrane of the cell and also helps remove waste efficiently. Definitely worth the investment of a high quality oil when the cell belongs to your brain!


Dr.Neetu presented at Galloway's Specialty Foods (Richmond location) on Wednesday night. Her topic for discussion was "Food and Brain" this week. Our friend from Galloways and Richmond Review writer, Arlene Kroeker blogged about some "Brain and Food" tips from the presentation. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.





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