With the change of season, and back to school, sleep can be dramatically affected.  From the rest and relaxation of the summer season, to back to the grind of the daily work routine, insomnia is a common complaint.  Here are some simple home tips to enhance sleep.

  1. Avoid caffeine after 2pm; use relaxants before bed such as a warm bath; spray lavender essential oil on the pillow or in the bathwater.
  2. Sleep in a pitch black room, use black out blinds, cover alarm clocks and turn off all night lights.
  3. Take out the television and the majority of electronics from the room; if two lamps are plugged in on either side of the bed, unplug on before you sleep.  The goal is to reduce any electromagnetic activity in the bedroom.  Or as I refer to it – invisible pollution.
  4. Routine:  wake up the same time every day, go to sleep the same time every day.  Aim to be in bed between 10pm and 12am.  Each hour between these times, the body takes as 2 hrs.  So the body can get four hours of sleep before midnight.  These are power hours.
  5. Exercise.  Get moving, get into the fresh air, release stress, and tire the body. 


These are just some simple tips to include in your daily routine.  Sleep has everything to do with lifestyle factors and if you are willing to change them.  One sleeping pill cannot change all these factors.  If sleep is a chronic issue, book your appointment today, there are many underlying health concerns that contribute to poor sleep.  We will get you sleeping again.

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