Learn to love yourself unconditionally.

Have you heard this before?  I think we all have, and it is easier said than done.  Most of us don’t even realize that we practice our day-to-day routine in a state that does not feel like self-love.

What is self love?

libidoSelf love is that little voice that whispers sometimes about something “I” want something “I” need.  That voice is often put last on the list of things to do.  Often work comes first; kids come first; spouses come first; even distant family and friends come before “I”.

The act of always giving is a great way to live. But the cup can become empty…quickly.  The cup needs to be filled as well.  The cup is filled by doing things for self; doing things that make you feel good; doing things that are good for your own heart.

Self love can have small whispers or large ones. Starting small may be the reality for most; but others may jump right into it.

  • Take time to make a list of all of your passions, all the things you love to do, or once did do, and now do not do.
  • Next, make a list of all the things you currently do, at home, for the family, for friends, at work, prior obligations.  
  • Look at all the times where you want to say “no” to something and do not.  Also look at all the times where you over extend yourself because you should have said no, and didn’t.
  • Then point by point start making boundaries. Boundaries are essential for self-love.  The wonderful art of saying “NO”.

Make Time For Your Passions

For example, if one of your passions is reading, and for years you have not been able to make time to read.  Start with this.  Make a time where the cleaning and cooking and work is done for the day.  Say 8pm.  If the laundry is there, let it pile up.  Make 8pm your boundary and say NO…it can be dealt with the next day.  And at 8pm-9pm give yourself that time to peruse a long lost passion of reading.  Set this as your routine.  Set this as your boundary.  This may not be a realistic example for some, but hopefully you get the point I’m trying to get across.

Create Boundaries

Start with a boundary.  Learning to stand up for yourself and say “no” to being a people pleaser. This is the essence of self-love.  We always teach people how to treat us.  And by putting yourself last, that is what you are showing to the world too.  Start the change, show self-love and let go of the fear of putting yourself first.

It changes everything.  How can you really know love if you don’t love yourself!  And if you don’t know how to practice self-love to make your-own-self feel love…how the heck can someone else figure it out!?

Start by setting some boundaries, figuring out passions and interests, this will help to fill your cup first, and let the overflow be what you give away.

Happy Love Month!

Dr.Neetu Dhiman

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