Matylda was born on April 11th, 2017. When people ask how the birth was, we say with laugh that it was anything but natural even though that was initial the plan. It’s funny how things go that we plan so carefully and it might change, right?

The whole pregnancy was very enjoyable with no major problems. We think that because she was taking good amounts of vitamins, good sleep, as least near the end. We thought the birth would be very similar experience. When the fortieth week came and there was still no sign of the baby, we didn’t think anything of it and we politely refused the induction from the midwife and kept on waiting. Week forty-one came and we got another induction offer from our midwife. Once again, we politely refused but wanted to meet her half way and agreed to go for ultrasound to check on the baby. That’s when things did a 180 degree turn.

Apparently, Radka’s amniotic fluid was so low that the induction wasn’t an option anymore. And so, after taking an extra day to think it all through, on April 7th we were admitted to a hospital for induction. Now, usually one to two medications would do the trick and open up the cervix but Radka’s cervix was so stubborn it took three days in a hospital and six medications  to get her started! She actually made a record at Women’s Hospital!

Thanks to one robust European obstetrician who was able to actually locate the cervix and could tell it opened up, Radka was able to start her labor at midnight that day. And that’s when all other medications took a place – oxytocin to start contractions, antibiotics, Tylenol…epidural after six hours of crazy contractions, more oxytocin at the end and more antibiotics after… We were both hoping that the baby will be good after this healthy dose of medications! Finally, Matylda came out with a nice scream at 4:53 that afternoon and she latched onto a breast right away – a good sign of a healthy baby! We’ve put her on probiotics right away, just in case.

We must say that this was an incredible experience we will not forget! We’re all settled in now and adjusting to life with a newborn. Both Radka and Matylda are doing well and are both very healthy and happy.

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baby matylda

baby matylda

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