Hello Everyone!


As you know, last year March 17, 2020 Brio temporarily closed its doors in efforts to do our part to help flatten the curve. During this time, all Naturopathic consults were transitioned to telemedicine appointments. This option served us and our patients very well. It was a beautiful solution to a challenging time.


During this time the Brio Team also collectively made the decision to pivot our monthly blogs and newsletters to Facebook Lives. At first, we had one practitioner present live 4 days a week and a Masterclass was offered once a week. There were blogs also written to summarize each presented topic.


Wow, this was so much work on the part of the Brio team. We pushed hard to be of service to our community during this difficult time.  To offer a bit of help and comfort seeing our faces daily and being able to interact with us online.


It was rewarding for us to be able to serve in this way.  We hope it was received well, offering deeper insights into topics we speak about in visits, however, during a 30 min consult, we lack the time to explain at depth.


As you can imagine, this schedule was not something we could sustain at this volume for the long run.  However, it did break us out of our shell and onto Facebook to interact on a more personal level.  It was an amazing experience for the team.


We will now be resuming our monthly Newsletters.  In our newsletters you will find :
  • Articles written by a Brio Team member
  • Facebook lives dates and times
  • We are excited to announce Product of the Month is back!!
  • A new theme each newsletter
  • Personal whole foods recipes and recipes which caught our eye
  • Last but not least you will be kept in the know about our next local Brio Gift Box offers. (hint:  Mother’s day and Father’s day)
Newsletters will be mailed out monthly as well as found on our Facebook group.


To find all of our Facebook lives from this past year, please visit our Website and/or our Youtube Channel


We are glad to be back to our regularly scheduled programming :)


If there is every a topic suggestion for an article or facebook live, please email us at [email protected]


In health,
The Brio Team

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