During the fall months, I have many cases of the following conditions walking through my door: 

1) Coughs and Colds

2) Muscle Spasms


Coughs & Colds

As the weather changes from the warmer months to cooler months, many people begin getting sick. According to Chinese Medicine, one of the reasons people catch more colds during the fall time is because of the increase in "Wind". When cold wind blows or brushes against your skin, your muscles begin to tense up. The most vulnerable area on the body is the back of the neck. This chill you experience can weaken your immune system and make you be more susceptible to viruses and bacteria. Health Tip #1: Cover your neck with a scarf this season, especially on windy days.


Muscle Spams

Around October, I begin seeing more patients with neck pain, low back pain and plantar fasciitis. The cold weather causes our muscles to constrict and tighten. I have seen many cases of people working in the cold windy environment, wake up the next morning with a "kink" in there neck. This is another way "wind" cold can attack the body by causing muscle spasms.

Health Tip #2: When exercising in the fall season, make sure you warm up your muscles before stretching or exercising hard. One of the best ways to warm up muscles is using "The Stick" to roll your muscles and increase the blood flow.

Health Tip #3: If you are exercising outdoors, be sure to stay warm during your cool down. When the pores are open during sweating, we are more susceptible to a "wind" attack. I recommend, putting on a windbreaker or wearing a moisture wicking layer during cool down.


Eating within the Season

My last health tip is to remind people to eat within the season. During the summer months, I have encouraged many of you to eat more raw vegetables, fresh vegetable juices and smoothies. However, as the temperature becomes cooler, I start encouraging patients to make more stews and soups. The digestive system will appreciate the warmer foods, so it doesn't have to work as hard digesting raw foods.

Lastly, add more root vegetables, squashes and pumpkins to your diet. They are full of vitamins and minerals and are easier to digest. Examples include, yams, sweet potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots, kabocha, acorn squash and butternut squash.



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