It's that time of year again when people pick up there tennis rackets and golf clubs. 
Recently at Brio, we have been treating many elbow and arm pain cases, often called tennis elbow or golfers elbow.
The pain is often so intense, they can't even lift a shopping bag or grip a golf club without excruciating pain. 
Our patients have been responding really well to the combination therapy of acupuncture and low-level laser therapy
Acupuncture works by releasing the tension in muscles and fascia around the elbow.   Many are surprised how much better they feel after 2 treatments.  
Once the pain is gone, we follow up with Low-level laser therapy.  Laser therapy accelerates the repair of injured soft tissue and reduces the inflammtion.  This important step is often overlooked and is crucial in preventing  the return of the chronic pain.  
At Brio Integrative Health Centre, we put together a comprehensive recovery program for injuries which include custom tailored treatments, nutrition plan, supplement recommendations and "at home" exercises. 

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