February is Heart Heath month and in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) the Uterus and the Heart are connected organs.

So in keeping with the Heart Health theme of this month’s blog, I found it only fitting to write about the Uterus and Menstruation!

Before I get into menstruation, the functions and benefits, I always love to shed a little insight on the philosophy of treatment.  There are many organ system connections in the body.  If a woman began to have health concerns with the Uterus, let’s use the example of Uterine Fibroids.   After attempts to treat the Fibroids, it is found that they simply are causing too many issues and are growing in size.  Let’s assume the next medical course of action is to surgically remove the Uterus.

With the Brio Living program, taking notice of our animation on our website which illustrates our philosophy of treatment; treating a uterus which valentines dayhas fibroids by removing the uterus is analogous to removing a “weed” in a garden.  The uterus is now removed; however, the imbalanced process in the body or the “soil” which created the fibroid still exists!  The body will now continue with this imbalance BUT now the symptom will pop up in another location in the body – a new “weed”.   As mentioned in TCM the uterus is connected to the heart.  It is quite often we see a uterus removed, and soon after a patient will return to their doctor’s office now with a “new” symptom of Elevated Blood Pressure – the issue has now moved to the heart.

This is a perfect example of the imbalance in the body now shifting to the next related organ system – by removing the uterus the imbalance now presents in the heart.  It is quite predictable when this philosophy of healing is followed.  Our goal is to treat deeper, to change the soil which was able to host the weed.  When the soil is treated, it is analogous to treating the cellular terrain, the imbalance in the body will not move to another organ system.  Let’s assume for this example the uterus must be removed.  There is no other course of action; this is often the case. However, treatment following the surgery, with Brio Living Philosophy is continued, and we can prevent the imbalance from shifting to the heart, and the patient now having to undergo treatment for Elevated Blood Pressure.

I always love to share the unfolding map of how disease and imbalance can shift throughout the body, it is almost predictable, which makes the body that much more amazing as it allows symptoms to be preventable and curable.

Back to the theme of this blog!  I was prompted to write about this topic as many women/patients are currently on the birth control pill; often they are told/educated that if there is no future plans of pregnancy, that the menses is not necessary.  This is the point I wanted to shed some light on.  The purpose of this blog is not to discuss pros or cons of the birth control pill.  It is to discuss the benefits of menstruation.  It is of my opinion that is an inaccuracy to state that monthly menstruation is not necessary.

Menstruation is a beautiful process of the body.  It is something only women experience and aside from these three functions, it has deep intuitive component to the feminine body.

Function #1:  Elimination of Toxins

For women, the natural shedding of the uterine lining carries a function of eliminating toxins from the body.  Men are unable to do this, however, the equivalent for men is sweating via exercise; which is why it is so important for men to exercise – it helps with elimination of toxins.  Exercise is very important for women as well, however, even without exercise, we detoxify every 28 days.

Function #2: Purification of the blood

Purification of the blood; every 28 days there is a new cycle and a new start.  It is a time of blood purification every month.  The first day of menstruation is energetically linked to the New Moon calendar cycle.  New Moons are historically linked to new beginnings, starting anew, and fresh starts.  This is a similar premise for women, the start of each cycle.  This is a great time to implement new habits, resolutions, thoughts – Day 1 of menstrual cycle.

Function #3:  Alkalinizing the body

The menses functions to eliminate acidity from the body, therefore making the body more alkaline.  All disease originates in an acidic environment.  Most health professionals make every attempt to educate about maintaining alkalinity of the body via diet, nutrition, pH of water and decreased stress loads.  One of the primary functions of the menses is to help maintain an alkaline body.  Blocking the natural flow, results in a more acidic body.  Beginning day 1 of the natural menstrual flow, the body will become more alkaline; this process will occur every 28 days.

My intention is always to offer further insight into the wisdom of the body.  The function of the Uterus and purpose of menses far exceeds simply procreation.  Children or not, the Uterus plays a major role in long term health and well-being.  Happy Heart Month!


In health, Dr. Neetu Dhiman, ND

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